Want a little Excitement?

If youre not into hiking try some of these other activities that are a little on the wild side.

Submarine Scooters

$100 a person. 6 person minimum (unless you use Groupon)
Kind of the only time or place to do this unique experience since the equipment is not common.


If you ever have wanted to para sail this seems like a good price and i nice place to do it

Kailua Beach Adventures

Great rental place with in walking distance of the Kailua beach. They rent kayaks, bikes, stand up paddle boards, body boards, surf boards and alot more. There are 3 islands just off shore to go out to, so lost of fun. And Kailua and Lanikia are two of the best beach on Oahu so you really cant go wrong.  Click on “towns”, “Kailua” to learn more about the town of Kailua, it is awesome.  There is also a 3 hour guided tour out to the Mokulua Islands on Groupon for $100 for that same area.

Beach Bike & Moped Rentals

Cost: $25 24hrs bike, $30 4hrs Moped
Great variety Hawaiian style Rentals  Website
Nice to take in the area with a bike ride or zip around in a scooter

Hawaii Shark Encounters

Save Location    Website     Groupon $95 (2 hours)
On this tour, you’ll get to encounter our three main species, Galapagos, Sandbar and Tiger sharks. Occasionally we see Blue Sharks, Silkies and Hammer Heads.

Ride in a Submarine

Save Location    Website   1:45 duration $105 for adult
Add deeper meaning to your island visit by diving over 100 feet in an authentic submarine. Our state-of-the-art submarines are Coast Guard approved and air-conditioned for your safety and comfort.

GunStock Ranch

Here is a new one to me, the GunStoch Ranch.  You can get some affordable horseback rides if you’re in the north shore area.  Make sure to save the location because it is a little hidden


Here is another fun one if you like ziplining.  You can do some ziplining if you’re in the north shore area.  Make sure to save the location because this one is also a little hidden

Catamarans & Boat Fun

The perfect opportunity to take a scenic sail around the Waikiki area.  All these catamarans are literally on the beach in Waikiki (unless noted otherwise).  Each company has variations of packages like Friday night fireworks sails, and dinner sails, and wildlife sails.  There are plenty of turtles to see in turtle canyon and Waikiki even has a submarine tour off its shores.  Also in November through April is the time to see the migrating humpback whales in full force.  I have listed the day trip price and duration below. Before you book check to see if  1. They have bathrooms onboard?  and 2. Are all drinks included or do you have to pay?
Kepoikai II Catamaran  kepoikai.com  (BR) $25 for 1 hour.
Mana Kai waikikisailing.com $25-$35 for 1 hour. (NO BR) 8/31
Holokai Catamaran  sailholokai.com $35 for 90 minutes. Snorkel Turtle Canyon.
Manu Kai  snorkelmanukai.com $35 for 90 minutes. (BR) Free Sodas. Snorkel Turtle Canyon.
Maitai Catamaran   maitaicatamaran.net  $40 for 90 minutes.  (BR)
Na Hoku 2 Catamaran  nahoku2.com $40 for 90 minutes.
Makani Catamaran  sailmakani.com $100 for 2 hours. (No BR) Snorkel Turtle Canyon.
Waikiki Submarine tours atlantisadventures.com  $105 for 1.75 hours
Glass Bottom boat Website Here  $35 for 90 minutes. (BR)(close to Waikiki)
Pirate Ship Adventures 90 minutes $42 Groupon (BR)(close to Waikiki)

Kualoa Ranch Tour & Zipline “Top 10”

Save Location    www.kualoa.com   Shuttle $15 RT
Open 7am-5pm the tours start at $45.95.
This is a great place to go see the movie tour but it also has an adventurous side to it too.  The Oahu Go Card ($69) and iVenture ($84) has 4 attractions for free for the ranch.  Kualoa Ranch has has ziplines, catamaran rides, tours on four wheelers, raptors, ebikes, and Horses.

Sea Life Park

Save Location    www.sealifeparkhawaii.com  Shuttle $25 RT
Open 9:30 to 4pm, $40 General admission.
This is a great place to go see tons of sea life up close and personal but it also has an adventurous side to it too. If you feel like being a little wild you can swim with the sea lions, or dolphins, or rays, or even sharks.