There is such a variety of hikes in Oahu from bamboo forest, to rain forest, to waterfalls, to military look out stations on the mountains. Dont be afraid to hike in Oahu, some hikes are paved and some are not that steep or even very long for that matter.

Lulumahu Falls Hike

One of my favorite hikes, about a 2.5 mile RT hike.  The hike is very diverse, you start out in a bamboo forest, and work your way to a beautiful open field, and then on to follow a creek with a ton of rocks to climb.  Make sure to wear some good water shoes because you will get muddy and wet.

Crouching Tiger\Lion Hike

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Nice short hike (.4 mile), steep, breezy hike with an incredible view.  The parking and entry is a bit tricky on this one so save my map locations.  Here is the trail to follow.  If you enter where I specify and keep to the left when given an option, this will be the shortest route.

Lanikai (Kaiwa Ridge) PillBox Hike

Nice short or long trail.  There is no parking for this hike, just park where you can.  There are several pill boxes along the ridge one after another  Once you reach the first one the rest are not much of a hike just a trail.  Nice view and a cool breeze once you get the the first one.  The fist two pill boxes have the great view of Lanikai and the mokes the rest of the pill boxes head inward.

Kaena Point (Seal Beach)

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Nice long trail, about 4 miles RT, right up to the edge of the ocean.  This is a very relaxing trail, you have the winds going, and the waves crashing against the rocks.  There is a bird sanctuary at the end of the trail filled with large birds nesting.  And along the trail, you may see some seals on the rocks.  At the end of the trail you can see the seals in this main area and off to the side.  Make sure you take the West side trail, NOT the north shore way (very boring).

Koko Crater Trail

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My Notes:  It is only a half mile in distance but is all uphill.  Similar to “the stairway to heaven” but a little less illegal.  This one is pretty popular but again a little hard to find if you dont know which Koko crater map to follow.  The first time I looked for this hike Google maps had me off in neighborhoods trying to find the trail but just use my location to get there.  Remember its a small trail with a fair amount of people so I would suggest to go early it avoid the larger crowds.

Pali Puka

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Pali Puka is a hidden part of the Nu‘uanu Pali Lookout area.  The start of the trail begins here.  The Pali Puka famaz arch or window is here.  This is a short hike but is is on a ridge so it has beathtaking views and can be very dangerous.  

Hanauma Bay Toilet Bowl

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Located at the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve.  A tide pool that is very active, and fairly enclosed.  A short hike on a pretty start forward dirt trail.  Check out the video above to see the spot in action.

Diamond Head

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My Notes:  Fairly easy hike with a great view.  Its about a mile and a half in and out.  Close to Waikiki parking is one of the limiting factors in taking the hike.  If you can park in the crater its $5, but additional Free parking is located here.

Makapu‘u Point Lighthouse

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My Notes:  The light house is 1.3 miles in length, it is all paved and not to steep.  This one is a nice walk to a great view.  Very popular too.   Makapu’u also has a separate lookout that there is no hike involved that is within sight of the trail that I would suggest you visit when there.  And Allen Davis Beach is also right off the path so there is allot to do in this area.

Makapu‘u Point Tidepools

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My Notes:  Part of the light house trail the Tide Pools are a separate more dangerous hike that is located about three-quarters of the way up, you will come across a humpback whale informational display (Pictured) that also happens to be the start of a loose trail that leads down to the Makapuu Tide Pools and a blowhole.  Makapu’u also has a separate lookout that there is no hike involved that is within sight of the trail that I would suggest you visit when there.  

Maunawili Falls & Moss slides 

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This is 3 miles in and out.  So this is a bit odd because its in a neighborhood so parking is weird if you dont know where the trail is.  Also this is one you wouldn’t want to go when its raining because the trail gets very muddy.  You might need mosquito repellent because last time I went I was getting eaten alive for some reason.  Maunawili also has a hidden bridge along the way too.  If you need navigation while on the trail download the All Trails App and follow the trail.

Kaneana Cave (Makua Cave)

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Makua is a short hike right off the road that has a perttycool view.  If you are on the west side of the island its worth checking out.

Waimano Falls Hike 

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There’s a gorgeous waterfall that trickles down to another small waterfall that’s about a hot tub sized natural pool area and that trickles down to another fall with a deep pool with big ropes as well as multiple points on every side with areas.

Hanauma Bay Stone Bridge

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My Notes:  Part of the Hanauma Bay Ridge Hike.  Nice views of Hanauma bay pretty clear paved path is some places.  A great picture taking place.

Koko Crater Arch

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Short hike pretty scenic arch

Petes Chair & Allen Davis Beach

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My Notes:  Allen Davis Beach and Petes chair are also located at Makapu’u point but is on a trail that leads off in a different direction at the beginning of the trail.  Just a short distance it a nice beach area with fairly shallow water and a few diving planks to jump off of.