Catamarans & Boat Fun

The perfect opportunity to take a scenic sail around the Waikiki area.  All these catamarans are literally on the beach in Waikiki (unless noted otherwise).  Each company has variations of packages like Friday night fireworks sails, and dinner sails, and wildlife sails.  There are plenty of turtles to see in turtle canyon and Waikiki even has a submarine tour off its shores.  Also in November through April is the time to see the migrating humpback whales in full force.  I have listed the day trip price and duration below. Before you book check to see if  1. They have bathrooms onboard?  and 2. Are all drinks included or do you have to pay?
Kepoikai II Catamaran $25 for 1 hour.
Mana Kai $25-$35 for 1 hour.
Holokai Catamaran $35 for 90 minutes. Snorkel Turtle Canyon.
Manu Kai $35 for 90 minutes. Free Sodas. Snorkel Turtle Canyon.
Maitai Catamaran  $40 for 90 minutes. iVenture ($85) Free
Na Hoku 2 Catamaran $40 for 90 minutes.
Makani Catamaran $100 for 2 hours. Snorkel Turtle Canyon.
Waikiki Submarine tours  $105 for 1.75 hours
Glass Bottom boat Website Here  $35 for 90 minutes. (close to Waikiki)
Pirate Ship Adventures 90 minutes $42 Groupon (close to Waikiki)