Best Shaved Ice Places in Oahu

Hawaiian Shaved Ice is different then mainland shaved Ice. With so many shaved ice places in Oahu, this is a list of my personal favorites and top-rated shaved ice stores off google and yelp in almost every location of the island.
Matsumoto Shave Ice:  Save Location
If you are at the north shore you have got to go here.  Try the condensed milk on top.  Yum!
Keneke’s Shaved Ice:  Save Waimanalo Location   Save Punaluu Location
Keneke’s not only have awesome shaved ice but have great Hawaiian food.  A very popular local restaurant.
Uncle Clays House of pure Aloha:  Save Location
I’ve heard this is one of the best, its just  outside of Waikiki.
Island Vintage Shave Ice:  Save Location
My favorite shaved ice place in WAIKIKI
Island Snow Hawaii:  Save Location
Obama supposedly loves this place.  In the town of Kailua, right next to two of the two best beaches in Oahu.
Waiola Shave Ice:  Save Location
Close to Waikiki top-rated 4.6 stars with over 339 reviews.
Dan’s Maili Shave Ice:  Save Location
A west side top-rated shaved ice place.
Shimazu Store:  Save Location
A bit off the beaten path google rates this one very high, so if you are in the area stop by.
Aoki’s Shave Ice:  Save Location
Another great North shore shaved Ice place