General Pack list or things you may not have thought about taking.

PRINT OUT:  My Waikiki Free Show schedule, and trip Checklist So you won’t miss out on all the things you want to do.
FLIGHT:  Remember this is a 6-hour flight.  Bring something to watch movies on. And something to keep them charged.  Download movies & apps, before the flight. There is NO wifi\cell service over the sea.  Make sure you bring a Noise canceling headset, so you can hear them.  Buy snacks for the plane trip to pack for carry on.  Bring a pen. You must fill out a declaration about an hour before you land.  Bring a good travel pillow
PACK:  I buy Army dog tags for my mom when we go in case she gets lost or wants to rest.  If your overprotective and you know there will be times you will be split up, this palm-size GPS can show where she is at all times.  If you plan on taking your keys or phone to the beach you might want to buy a waterproof pouch for them if you don’t want to leave them on the beach. Water shoes for sharp coral on some beaches and hiking.  Snorkel gear can be rented or pack them if you want.  Wall charger for phones and USB cables.  Bring a GoPro and Floating Selfie Stick, Waterproof watch, for beach fun.
CAR:  If you rent a car, make sure you have full coverage car insurance, so your rental is covered.  Make sure your car has Bluetooth so you can listen to Spotify or Pandora if it doesn’t get yourself one of these. You may want a phone cradle to hold your phone for navigation. Make sure you have enough car charging outlets to charge your everyone phones.  Check with the renter to see if he already has any of these items.