Island Hot spots

Here are some unquie places to see, that you will not find on any other Island but Oahu.

Halona Blowhole

My Notes:  Popular tourist site, always busy.  if you go to the right of where everyone goes to look at the blow hole there are some stars that go down to a beach.  And if you keep right you can go down to the blow hole its self like I did in the video.

Bamboo Forest

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This is actually the first part of the Lulumahu Falls hike, and is very unique and the only place I know of where there is a bamboo forest. It is actually pretty cool to here the breeze go though the trees and hear the bamboo knocking again the other trees. You literally park and get out of your car and walk right in to the forest. Its about a half mile long and a fairly narrow. Great experience and picture taking moment.

The SwapMeet “Top 10”

Save Location   Shuttle $18 RT   $1 Parking per Person
Hours:   Sunday 6:30am-3pm  And Wednesday, Saturday 8am-3pm.
Great for getting things to take back to your loved ones.  They have beach towels, Hawaiian shoes, and crazy deals on tee shirts, and great food.  They start packing up around 1pm on the weekend.  Parking is a dollar a person, they have ATMs because most merchants take cash only.  Download a schedule of Waikiki area farmers markets which have great food too and free shows HERE.

Ala Moana Center (Mall)

Open at 10 am,  I’ve heard this is one of the biggest outdoor malls in America.  It is pretty big,  The have shows going on every day, a nice koi pond on the second level, one of my favorite Shave Ice places on the main level.  And quite the food court on the bottom level. And of course a ton of shops. It also has a farmers market every Sunday 9AM–12PM. You can download a schedule of farmers markets and free show in the Waikiki area HERE.

Dole Pineapple Plantation

This place has a great store and great food.   The fresh pineapple literally melts in you mouth, the trick is to have them “core it” for you.  Click here to see how to pick the ripest sweetest one for coring.  My girls love the cheap pearls (dont get the pearls set, thats where it can get $$$)  The freshly baked nuts in the back are are really good too.  There are always lines for the grill at the back of the store.  A must stop.

Dyodo-In Temple

Save Location  $3 Per Person
My Notes:  Pretty cool temple, lots of koi fish in the pond, you can bong the big chime.  This is just a picture taking opportunity.  Peaceful tranquil surroundings.  

Polynesian Cultural Center “Top 10”

Save Location    Shuttle $25 RT
Open 11:45-9pm, Closed Sunday, Admission $65.  GoOahuCard ($69) Free
The PCC is an all day event because there is so much to see and do.  It is by far the best Hawaiian show on the island.  They have the best fire show on the island, and offer a luau package (+$55) with the whole pig and dinner show.  There is a boat parade at 2:30 that you do not want to miss, it only happens once a day so make sure to see it.  Also there are free canoe rides near the back of the park. PCC offers RT shuttles from Waikiki, call to purchase. The Entertainment book ($20) has an ONLINE version that has buy one get one.

The Beach town of Waikiki

There is an entire tab devoted to this beach town under “Waikiki” because there is so much to do in such a small area.  Lots of great food, Free Hawaiian shows, Farmers Markets, beach activities, and tons of shops all with in walking distance.  If you are looking for alot of action, Waikiki is where you want to stay.  And it has a very active nightlife.  If you haven’t already, click on “Waikiki” on the top menu.

Haleiwa “North Shore”

My Notes:  Nice beach town known for its surfing and big waves (in the winter).  Many great places to eat like, Matsumotos, Teddy’s burgers, and Giovanni’s shrimp truck.  Great place to just explore and check out the many beach shops like Surf N Sea.

Downtown Honolulu & Chinatown

Downtown Honolulu is a nice place to drop by and do lunch or dinner.  Also there is an area of Honolulu called ChinaTown that has lot of markets and restaurants you may want to visit.  Parking is expensive so I suggest you park at the Honolulu Walmart and buy some gum to get 2 hours of free parking.

Kualoa Ranch “TOP 10”

Save Location   Shuttle $15 RT
Open 7am-5pm the tours start at $45.95.
This ranch has a great island movie tour, every time I watch a movie that was filmed here its kind of cool to know I was there. The Oahu Go Card ($69) and iVenture ($84) has 4 attractions for free for the ranch.  A few recent movies filmed here are Jumanji, Jurassic World, Kong: Skull Island, and Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates.  Visit the website to see all the activities they have because Kualoa Ranch has ziplines, catamaran rides, tours on four wheelers, raptors, ebikes, and Horses.

Sea Life Park

Save Location  Shuttle $25 RT
Open 9:30 to 4pm, $40 General admission.
This is a nice open aquatic park.  Things very up close and personal.  It is not very large, it may be a one or two hour experience if you dont see any of the shows.  They have lots of option like swim with, sea lions, or dolphins, or rays, or sharks.   The Oahu Go Card ($69) and iVenture ($84) will get you in for free.

The Town of Kailua

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This is also one of my favorite towns in Oahu.  I have an entire page devoted to it Click Here.  This town has a way more chill vibe then Waikiki. There arent any major hotels or motels here so people will visit but not many (tourists) stay. This town has the best Restaurants, Beaches, and Hikes in all of Oahu.